Skyco Media Technologies, founded in 2015, is at the forefront of the digital display industry and is a leading supplier of a wide range of electronic display media hardware.

With digital marketing evolving so rapidly, Skyco has committed itself to adapt continuously in order to offer the very latest products available.

Project Planning and Sourcing:

It starts with having an in-depth understanding of the client’s requirements. With that knowledge, we plan and source the correct hardware and software


From the first step of the project to completion, we work along to ensure proactive involvement and seamless transition of the cloud media management system

After Service:

All products come accompanied with warranties but the team is nonetheless at your beck and call for a trusted partnership

Skyco Media Technologies’ founders, James Zhao (COO) and Troy Zheng (CEO), both have a long history in the electronics industry and are well known and respected for their technical knowledge and in the digital marketing sector.

When joining our Board of Directors, George Sebulela (Chairman) brought with him a wealth of experience, expertise, and business acumen.

Skyco’s head office which is located in Midrand, Johannesburg, together with its branch offices in Cape Town and Durban, is proud to be able to provide products, skills, and service at a national level as we continue to expand into the SADC region. Within the company are dedicated departments for sales, technical support, finance, operations, and service, ensuring optimum customer satisfaction.

From a small start-up company, Skyco quickly grew in size, gaining a number of key clients along the way who now place their trust in the organization to continuously supply quality products. Furthermore, with a strong commitment to customer service, Skyco has gained a reputation for being dependable when it comes to backup and a robust after-sales service program.