Skyco Media Solutions | USURFACE III
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Pioneering SMD 10000nits for Outdoor LED Screen


Pioneering SMD 10000nits for Outdoor LED Screen

Super Brightness

SMD 10000nits

Better Performance in Display

High Contrast Ratio, Better Blending Effect in Color. Wider Viewing Angle

Quality display performance. More audience ,more profits.

High Reliability

Module of hollowed-out design is made for efficient heat dissipation to stand
various severe weathers in outdoors. Fully waterproof module can stand the stormy weather in outdoors

Front & Rear Maintenance

Front & rear maintenance makes much easier operation in different applications

Save Cost

With ultra slim and light weight design, UsurfaceⅢ is easy to install by one person.

17.5kg/panel: 96mm

Difficult installation by at least two persons

Easy installation by individual