Highly Stable.
Widely Visible.
Extremely Sharp.

> Excellent Display Effect, True-to-Life Presentation

Super high contrast ratio by patented mask and ultra-uniform color bring your content to life.

> Multiple Protections, Super High Stability

Full-waterproof modules are anti-UV to avoid deformation. IP65/IP54 high protection facilitates long-time stable running even under harsh weather.

> Convenient Serviceability, Greater Flexibility

By supporting front and rear installation and maintenance, FS panels can be spliced into L-shape, cylinder, concave and other shapes to match multi-occasion applications.

> Wider Viewing Angle, More Eyeballs Covered

Super-wide 160° viewing angle captures more attention from viewers to maximize the advertisement value.


Model FS5 FS6 FS8 FS10
Pixel Pitch(mm) 5 6 8 10
Brightness(nits) 6000 6000 6500 6000
Panel Size(inch) 37.8(W)×37.8(H)x6.1(D) 37.8(W)×37.8(H)x6.1(D) 40.3(W)×40.3(H)x5.9(D) 37.8(W)×37.8(H)x6.1(D)
Panel Size(mm) 960(W)×960(H)×154(D) 960(W)×960 (H)×154(D) 1024(W)×1024(H)×151(D) 960(W)×960(H)×154(D)