& Reliable

> Continuation of classic design

Legend series is still keeping the concise and great momentum style; it adopts modular design and also the benchmark of industrial design.


  • Cabinet Material:Magnesium alloy
  • Max Power Consumption:≦800w/㎡
  • Average Power Consumption:≦400w/㎡
  • Viewing Angle:H:160º  V:140º

> Collision prevention

  • High configuration waterproof Neutrik connector IP rate IP65/IP54
  • Modular design


  • Convex curved installation
  • Angle range:0°-10°(2.5°/pcs only Curved cabinet)
  • Concave curved installation Angle range:0°-10°(2.5°/pcs only Curved cabinet)


  • Stacking installation 12pcs height is allowed
  • Hanging  installation 12pcs height is acceptable
  • The cabinet can be placed in the transporters, and vastly improved work efficiency


Model No. LS3.95 LS4.81 LS5.95
Pixel Pitch 3.95mm 4.81mm 5.95
LED SMD2020  SMD2020 SMD2020
Pixel Density 65536pixel/㎡  43264pixel/㎡ 28224pixel/㎡
Brightness 2000-2500nits/4000-4500nits 2000-2500nits/4000-4500nits 2000-2500nits/4000-4500nits
Color Temperature 6500-9500k 6500-9500k 6500-9500k
Scan 1/16 1./13 1.7
Panel Dimension(W*H*D) 500×1000×75mm/19.7″X3.4″X3.0″  500×1000×75mm/19.7″X3.4″X3.0″  500×1000×75mm/19.7″X3.4″X3.0″
Panel Resolution 128/256pixel 104*108pixel 84X168pixel
Panel Weight 12.50kg/27.56lb 12.50kg/27.56lb 12.50kg/27.57lb
Cabinet Material Die casting aluminum Die casting aluminum  Die casting aluminum
Max Power Consumption ≤700w/㎡ ≤700w/㎡ ≤700w/㎡
Average Power Consumption ≤350w/㎡ ≤350w/㎡ ≤350w/㎡
Viewing Angle H:140º  V:120º H:140º  V:120º  H:140º  V:120º
Refresh Rate 1920Hz 1920Hz 1920Hz
Gray Scale 14-16bit 14-16bit 14-16bit
IP Rating FRONT IP65, REAR IP54 Front IP65,Rear IP54  Front IP65,Rear IP54
Operating Humidity 10%-90%RH 10%-90%RH 10%-90%RH
Operating Temperature -20℃~+45℃ -20℃~+40℃  -20℃~+40℃
Max. Stacking 10pcs 10pcs 10pcs
Max. Hanging 10pcs 10pcs 10pcs
Lifetime 50,000 hrs 50,000hrs 50,000hrs
Storage Temp/Humidity -40℃~+60℃;10%-60%RH -40℃~+60℃;10%-60%RH -40℃~+60℃;10%-60%RH