Desktop Conference Microphones TV-P63QM

> Description

TV-P63QM provides clear and natural voice quality for conversations in meetings. It is suitable for small and medium conference rooms. Built-in echo cancellation AEC, automatic gain AGC, and noise suppression ANS.It ensures the voice quality, greatly improve the efficiency of conferences.

> Features

* 360°voice pickup, wide-range frequency response, support dual-mode (digital, analog) output.

* Supporting voice intelligent tracking, it can automatically focus on the person who is speaking with clear sound quality and low noise.

* Desktop design, which can optimize audio capture and offer you original voice

* The microphone can be put on the desk, it is easier to put equipment

* Built-in echo cancellation AEC, automatic gain AGC, noise suppression ANS and other audio processing functions.

* It has a Capacitive-inductive, no-noise touch button, and with red and blue mute indicator.

* It has a web background management function, support volume setting, automatic gain maximum value adjustment, noise suppression “medium” or “weak” adjustment, turn echo cancellation on or off, and adjust echo suppression effect intensity.

* Supporting loading different scenes through web background management and 4 different scene calls, which is good for debugging and application of different operating environments.

* Support firmware upgrade through web background management interface