HD Video Conference System – TV-6124UK 4K Camera

> Description

4K Ultra HD USB camera; suitable for remote education, teaching recording, conference system, remote training, Telemedicine, court trial system, emergency command system, and others.

> Features

* Support 4K ultra HD with ultra high resolution, 4K @ 30fps / 25fps(MAX) image encoding output, and downward compatibility of 1080p, 720p and other resolutions.

* Full-featured USB 3.0 interface can not only integrate power supply, video, audio into one but also supports 1-channel USB + 1-channel HDMI.

* Wide-angle field of view up to 84 ° (integrated auto-focusing function), a small lens with a wide view. At the same time, it supports EPTZ for a wider and clearer view without mechanical rotation.

* The new CMOS image sensor with ultra-high SNR can effectively reduce the image noise under low illumination. At the same time, the 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithms are applied to greatly reduce the noise. Even under ultra-low illumination, the screen is still clean and clear, and the image SNR can reach 55dB and above.

* Standard equipped with damping rotating shaft bracket; suitable for the monitor on the market, easy to install, stable, and reliable.