HD Video Conference Terminal of Medium and Large size NT90LT Series

> Description

NT90-LT01 series is a new split-type HD video conference terminal, which supports H.265 technology, ultra-low bandwidth to fulfill 4K video effects , integrated with various audio and video interfaces, suitable for various medium and small size of meeting applications.

Product optional specifications:


> Features

* Adopting split type structure, built-in hardware video processing unit, with the embedded operating system, non-Windows, Android, etc.
* With various interfaces, including 8-channel HD video inputs, 3 -channel HD video outputs.
* Support 4K HD video conference signal input and output.
* Support the repair mechanism in case of IP network packet loss, to ensure that there is no mosaic when the packet loss rate reaches 5%. the conference can still be held normally when the packet loss rate reaches 8%. the image to be acceptable when it is 20% packet loss . audio is not affected and the conference is guaranteed to proceed normally with a 70% packet loss rate.

* With ultra-strong network adaptability, it adjusts the resolution according to the network automatically according to the network to ensure the meeting goes fluently.
* With H.239 dual-stream protocol, both main and auxiliary streams can reach 1080P.* Supports single screen with double images, dual-screen with double images, three screens with three images function.
* Support for PIP function. support simultaneous multiple displays: ONE single-screen maximum support 25-channel screen at the same time.
* Support on-demand voice/video through MCU, also support by built-in recording function through USB, to fulfill conference recording., to fulfill conference recording.
* The terminal is built-in sign-in, electronic whiteboard, voting, file sharing, and other data conferencing functions.

* The terminal built-in MCU supports max. 22-site conferences, supporting H.239 auxiliary streams.
* It supports open, close, drag, and drop the remote video image at will.
* It supports automatically opening the remote auxiliary stream video image.
* It supports remote control to the dual-stream code rate, resolution, as well as the PTZ camera for all remote sites, Auto Face/ Voice tracking function more than 30 feet
* It supports sending scrolling messages, banners, and other operations.

* Built-in 4G module to realize meeting with 4G network. (optional)
* Built-in wifi module to support meeting with wifi network. (optional)
* It supports wireless screen projection function. (optional)