Cloud-based HD Video Conference Server Platform

> Description

VCS8000, the new generation VCS8000 series ,is integrated by CMS, CRS, MCU, GK, live broadcast, storage function, with module design of card plug-in, support 4K resolution which brings user an excellent experience on video conference.

Product optional specifications:


> Features

* Module design with carrier-class and card plug-in.
* Built-in chart. it supports icon to display usage rate for and meeting sites, the system can count information such as meeting times, meeting duration, number of meetings etc., according to time, meeting type and participants gathering.
* It supports distributed MCU composed of cloud architecture, in the whole system, as long as there is one MCU running, the meeting can run normally. Support multiple MCU to be tree cascading or reticular cascading modes to build a “MCU pool”. In this pool, all resources can be shared, scheduled and backed up.

* One MCU max support 10-channel full functional meeting, 100 VCS or virtual meetings, 160-channel 1080P concurrent users, allowing 1000 users to access into the meeting after cascaded.
* Support meetings of mixed speed, mixed video format, mixed protocol.
* Support H.239 digital dual-stream technology, the main and secondary stream can reach 1080P.
* Supports auxiliary dual-stream function. the same conference (in VCS mode) , supports N terminals send N secondary streams at the same time.
* Support a variety of common multiple picture layout, each screen max up to 64 images. support automatic screen split.

* Integrated with conference recording and broadcasting module, built-in GK module.
* Support immersive telepresence, live broadcast, count name, integrated conference recording, background music broadcasting and so on.
* Support SMS or email notification .
* Support FTP, external connecting FTP server to expand the video recording space for storage and back up of the MCU.
* Support RTSP and RTMP, live broadcasting , support extending external RTMP servers, and enables live broadcasting on conference screens unlimited by the number of MCU conferences.

* Support API integrated with the third-party OA system, make meeting reservation according to the procedure of application initiation, multi-level approval, final decision and so on, to achieve the graded decentralized or centralized management on the daily meeting.
* Support mobile phone or fixed phone to access into meeting directly.
* Support IP camera to access into meeting directly.
* Built-in input to TV wall, to realize direct output HDMI/4K signal to screen display, a single device max supports 20 -channel video outputs.

* Supports soft terminals such as Windows/Mac, IOS/Android, etc. to access into conferences and achieve dual-stream data, such as electronic whiteboards, voting, sign in, and file sharing .
* Support intelligent flow control, including notification coding and code rate automatic adjustment. After notification coding started up, the MCU will automatically adjust the coding parameters of the terminal according to the window size displayed on the MCU. After the code rate automatic adjustment started up, the MCU will automatically adjust the code rate according to loss package, delay and so on.