TS-9100N Network Central Controller

> Description

With full compatibility and traditional programming mode, it can realize intelligent network control. It supports IOS/Android mobile device for centralized control. The product adopts industrial grade design, which is safe and reliable.

> Features

* With a 2 U standard 19-inch cabinet design, the front panel adopts black oxidation drawing process which is superb and elegant.

* The controller has an original 4.3 inch LCD touch screen where you can check and modify its IP address.

* With network interface, the product fully supports network control and multiple IOS platform (iPhone/iPad) or Android devices for communication with the controller through WiFi.

* Programming of the IOS platform (iPhone/iPad) or Android device has full compatibility with traditional touch screen programming. So there is no need to learn new programming methods which is very convenient to upgrade and update.

* Support operation state two-way feedback function, which makes the device state clear.

* With programmable control platform, interactive control structure, and Chinese/English programmable interface.

* Adopt the latest 32 bit Cortex-A8 ARM architecture embedded processor whose maximum processing speed is up to 720MHz.

* A large amount of highly integrated processing chips are adopted. Delicate Layout makes the system run fast and stable.

* The controller has embedded 256MDPR and 8GEMMC large capacity FLASH memory.

* The controller has 8 separate programmable serial ports which can send and receive RS232, RS485, and RS422 signals.

* Support serial port loop-out function. Each serial port input can loop out from another port.

* The controller has 8 separate programmable IR infrared emitting port

* The controller has 8 digital I/O input-output ports with a protection circuit.

* The controller has 8 weak relay control interfaces.

* The controller has 1 NET network control interface which can be used in external function extension. And 256 network devices can be paralleled.

* Fully support third-party devices and control protocol; Support customized programming of any control protocol or control code.

* Support 1 TF card interface to achieve program import and export of project.

* With embedded intelligent infrared learning mode, there is no need to add a professional learning device.

* The infrared code of all kinds of common electrical machines can be imported to the controller to realize device control.

* Support multiple controller cascade control to achieve interconnection and mutual control.

* Adopt the international popular SMT full-chip production technique.

* Support fully environmental friendly power supply (110v-240v) which is suitable for any area

* There are indicators on the front panel which can directly reflect the working states of serial ports, IR, and devices.

* Support the realization of the power control of the curtain, lighting, air conditioner, projector, projection screen, TV, LED display, and other audio and video equipment in the conference room, lecture hall and other places on the mobile terminal or touch screen, and support to obtain the central control of the Internet of Things and The working status of peripheral equipment supports the use of scene switching (such as projection mode, conference mode) of the environment inside the conference room.

* Support the realization of audio processor device volume adjustment/mute control/scene call on the mobile terminal or touch screen, remote control matrix device signal switching/scene call, remote control camera for up, down, left, and right zoom adjustment/preset call, Remotely control functions such as light brightness adjustment.

* Supports docking with the conference appointment system, which can realize mobile phone APP control or web page control, and realize that the human body sensor can be connected to the central control system through the I/O port to transmit the judgment result (whether there is anyone in the meeting room) signal, and feed it back to The conference affairs system realizes intelligent control whether to end the conference early (release the occupied state), and intelligent linkage control to close the conference room equipment to achieve the effect of energy saving and maximum utilization of conference room resources.

* The central control host uses a sentence-style programming method, which has very good control compatibility. It is connected to the central control cloud service platform, and can easily and quickly access the command protocol converted from the voice collected by the smart voice speaker, and the sound is picked up by the smart voice speaker The command to convert voice to text is forwarded to the central control; with central control peripheral equipment linkage, it supports voice control of air-conditioning temperature, audio volume, curtain opening and closing, light switch, camera action, TV opening and closing, central control scene switching and other functions.

* Supports scanning the QR code generated by the cloud platform through WeChat to realize the control of the central control system through the WeChat applet; supports setting password permissions.