Taurus Series
Multimedia Player

> Synchronous Playing

This function makes several displays play the same image simultaneously with high accuracy based on
advanced synchronous playing and scheduling technologies.
The synchronous playing function could be enabled for different displays as long as the following three
requirements are met:

  • The synchronous playing function has been enabled on the ViPlex or VNNOX.
  • The time of multiple Taurus products is synchronized.
  • Playing plans of multiple Taurus products are the same without random transition or media.

> Smart Brightness Adjustment

Smart brightness adjustment includes auto brightness adjustment and timing brightness adjustment.

  • Auto brightness adjustment: Display brightness will automatically adjust according to environment
  • Timing brightness adjustment: Display brightness will automatically adjust to a specific value at a given
    point of time.
    Taurus products have brightness sensor connectors. Connect the light sensor and set smart brightness
    adjustment rules on ViPlex or VNNOX to enable the smart brightness adjustment function.