T-7702A 7-inch Touch Screen Desktop Intercom Paging Microphone


Suitable for a variety of call centers, alarm centers, duty room, leadership offices, meeting rooms

and so on, can enable the function of one-way paging, two-way intercom talking and monitoring(one point, some zones or all zones) to any terminal in the network.


* Desktop design, with 7 inches 800 × 480 dot matrix K600 + kernel 65K color touch screen display of resistance.Featuring with clear display and sensitive touch. If no operation, it will enter into stand-by, low-consumption saving states. Humanized machine interface.

* With numeric keys, functional keys interface. Support paging and broadcasting to one zone, multi zone and all zone; support one-way paging or two-way intercom talking to any terminal; support monitoring to any terminal(environmental monitoring) based on the real environment, monitoring distance is up to 5 meters.

* Adopt the design of embedded computer technology and DSP audio processing technology, adopt the high-speed industrial-grade chips, and the start-up time is less than 1 second.

* Build-in one channel network hardware audio decoding module, supports TCP / IP, UDP, IGMP

(multicast) protocol, realize network transmiting 16-bit stereo CD quality audio signal.

* Support function of remote on demand, 1000 Custom audio’s priority control(support multi channel signal amplification, mixing, three level priority control, tone adjustment).

* Support remote on-demand capabilities to support 1000 priorities custom audio mute control

(supports multiple signal amplification, mixing, three level-priority control, tone control).

* Supportfull-duplex two-way intercom talking function. Build-in network echo cancellation module, Achieve function of intercom talking between two terminals, network delay is less than 100ms.

Mealwhile, restrain the network echo howling completely.

* Support help ringing signal, flashing lights prompt, a key to accept the help, intercom function, but can also support hands-free calls and receive broadcast, achieve quick links.

* Support multiple call strategies, including call waiting, call forwarding, no answer reminding;

* Automatically, manual answering, and support for custom answer tone.

* No answer time, the call waiting time custom.

* Built-in conference scheduling management capabilities to support the conference discussion mode.

* Built-in 2W full-frequency hi-fi speakers, two-way conversation and network monitoring.

* One φ3.5 headphone jack and one φ3.5 MIC input socket, matching with 95% headphones and a portable microphone in the market.

* One audio line output, external expansion amplifier; One audio line input, providing more audio transmission.

* One short circuit alarm triggered output, can external connect to warning equipments, one short circuit input, can be used to trigger the preset audio prompts(or alarming audio).

* It is digital product, with easy expansion, no limit of geographical restrictions, no need to add

room management equipments, using same network cable to avoid additional network cable

installation, easy to install.