T-7701Z IP network decoding adapter (decoding terminal with 8 partitions)


Rack mounted IP network decoding terminal has cost-effective professional public IP network broadcasting. It is installed in weak electricity or sub-control computer room in each broadcasting management area for program broadcasting and local broadcasting in hall, corridor, outdoor and other areas.


* Standard 19-inch rack design, black alumina wire drawing panel, solid handle, professional mechanical assembly process, high-end machine appearance.

* Industrial 3.4-inch LCD display can clearly display most dot matrix patterns and machine working state. It is equipped with infrared remote controller and VOD server library for arbitrary content. It can control playback/pause and operate flexibly and simply.

* The application of embedded computer and DSP audio processing technology.

* Built-in 1-channel network hardware audio decoding module, support TCP/IP, UDP, realize network transmission of 16-bit CD audio signal.

* Built-in independent constant voltage 100V input interface, support 8-zone independent control to choose the 1-8 zone output. After configure in the software, it supports call any zone (or zone group), and all zones. Supports configuring a zone (or zone group) for a single period of time to perform timing tasks. The alarm task triggers to play the task in any zone(or zone group), real-time file plays the task in any zone (or zone group) , and real-time terminal collects the task in any zone (or zone group). The 100V output is used to connect 100V constant-voltage speakers. The output audio comes from the input end.

* 1 line (AUX) and 1 microphone (MIC) input interface, with independent volume adjustment,  high and low tone regulator potentiometer control, support disconnection local paging function.

* 1 EMC input interface, the emergence alarm signal is direct connection, with the highest priority.

* 2 channel audio signal auxiliary output interfaces, expandable to connect external power amplifier, standard RCA interface, wiring connection is very convenient.

* Supports two power outlets, built-in intelligent power management. When the machine has no audio signal input for 3 to 5 minutes, it automatically closes the power supply and the machine is in standby state; when there is signal input, it automatically opens the power supply. At the same time, it supports network pre-opening to realize intelligent power management.

* Built-in 3-level priority setting:

  EMC is the highest priority.

  Network alarm signals is prior to MIC, AUX and network background music signals.

  MIC  is prior to AUX and network background music signals.

  AUX and network background music are in the same level, without any priority.

* Supports mute intensity preset reduction function, background accompaniment preset function, and status lamp display, including level indicator lamp.

* Compatible with any network structure such as router, switch, bridge gateway, Modem, Internet, 2G, 3G, 4G, etc.

* Digital products, easy to expand, not limited by geographical location, no need to add control room management equipment.

* Supporting to remote upgrade the terminal firmware , without upgrading to the terminal locally, can reduce the maintenance work.