T-7704 Four Channels IP Internet Adapter (rack type)


Installed in the week-power rooms and device rooms of each broadcast administrative area, T-7704 can connect four piece amplifiers. It is applied in lobbies, corridors, classrooms and other regional and local players.


* 19 inch rack mount IP/TCP network audio adapter, black alumina panel, humanistic handle design, exquisite craft. All of the features show the high-end quality.

* Embedded PC technology, built-in DSP Audio processing technology design and high speed industrial chip to ensure start-up time less than 1 second.

* Built-in four channels network hardware audio decoding module support TCP/IP ,UDP, IGMP(Multicast) protocol and realize network transmission of audio signal.

* With four channels audio signal output interfaces, T-7704 can connect four power amplifiers. It adapts industrial-grade terminals and uses screws to fix the device, which enable higher connection reliability than conventional connector.

* Four channels (AUX) and four channels microphone (Mic.) mix input; Independent volume adjustment. User could select the priority of network audio signal by pressing one button.

* With four channels independent power output and two channels public power output, it is easily cascade to other devices. It has intelligent power management. When there are no music or calls, the device automatically cut off the main power output, so that cascade devices will enter a standby state.

At the same time user could pre-program the output power.

* Four channels independent interface with three-wire alarm strong cutting function. Alarm area can be controlled by the main device without strong cutting power 24V. The number of sound controller is unlimited. 3-wires are connected.

* Four channels independent two-color LED represent alarm status, priority status and power status.

* Authorizing the capabilities of operation and management to support server to unify the

management of user password.

* Four channels network hardware audio decoding module have independent management function of power switch , which is easy to modify the network IP address decoding.


Interface function