TS-8308 Paperless Intelligent Streaming Media Server



The controller is used for the collection and coding of HD video signals and the output of audiovisual signals outside the paperless conference system. It can support the interconnection between external and internal audiovisual signals for the system, and support conference information display functions such as sign-in, voting and screen-sharing.


* Standard rack-mount design(2U), embedded HD/SD video signal processing modules, synchronous/asynchronous processing of video signal input and output.

* Support HDMI and VGA signal input; external signal videos can be broadcast to all conference terminal and displayed in real time.

* Support HDMI and DVI signal output, any conference terminal videos can be output and displayed on big screens or other signal display devices.

* With one 3.5mm audio input interface and one 3.5mm audio output interface, can realize synchronous input/output of audiovisual signals.

* Support multiple HD outputs, including full HD 1080P, HD 720P, etc.