Motorized Paperless Interactive Monitor Lift TS-8201A

Embedded software: paperless conference terminal client software V2.0


The product uses intelligent control technology, takes intelligent terminal as the application concept, and adopts original guide rail design, one key operation can automatically finish starting, LCD screen up, elevation and other actions, beautiful desktop, purpose of space-saving, which is very easy to use. With anti-theft, anti-dust, beautify desktop and other functions, it can be widely used in conference, office hotel, teaching studios and other occasions to meet demand of customer system expansion diversity and office environment automation, which is an ideal assistant of your office and teaching.


* Touch control ultra-thin HD display and lifter integration design, no exposed cable, no connection backplane, no exposed screws, ensure overall beautiful appearance of touch screen display.

* Equipment use all-aluminum structure, high-quality aluminum with CNC carved processing, display frame and chassis are made of aluminum alloy, to make equipment overall refined, lightweight and beautiful.

* Equipment surface is anodized treatment , bright color.

* Equipment panel thickness of only 3mm, width of only 70mm, small footprint, it is light compared with traditional lifter, product weight is only one-third of the conventional lifter, reduce transportation cost, ease the conference table pressure.

* Adopt imported steel wire, high precision guide rail and linear bearing, AC gear motor as the driving force, the noise can be reduced to minimum.

* 15.6” ultra-thin LCD touch screen display, resolution up to 1920*1080P, display effect clear and bright, adjustable backlight design, to prevent fatigue caused by too light or too dark.

* Support HDMI and VGA two channel signal inputs. When there is only one signal input, screen will automatically recognize the signal; when there are two signal inputs at the same time, it can be manually switched by panel key; when no signal input, screen will automatically enter into the power saving mode.

* The device can be centrally controlled through the central control software, and can be controlled by the host. Through one key, you can make all devices in the room to go up or down.

* Built-in loop-through output power outlet, it can power supply to the terminal to reduce the terminal power outlet wiring, to make project site wiring more neat and beautiful.

With USB interface, the user can browse the files in the USB or upload files to it.