Motorized Paperless Dual-screen Interactive Monitor Lift TS-FE173T

Embedded software: paperless conference terminal client software V2.0


The machine uses intelligent control technology, takes intelligent terminal as application concept, and focuses on LCD touch screen terminals. It integrates high-definition video, unified communication, intelligent interactive multi-screen sharing, conference central control, audio and video acquisition, professional sound systems, and so on, to provide “people-oriented” conference experience.


* With ultra-thin HD touch screen and lifter integrated design, no exposed cable, no connection backboard, no exposed screws, it ensures an overall beautiful and elegant appearance of touch display screen.

* Adopts fully aluminum structure, high-quality aluminum and CNC processing. The aluminum-alloy structure and case make the equipment exquisite, light, beautiful and elegant.

*  Equipment surface treatment is anodized, bright colour.

* Equipment panel thickness of only 3mm, width of only 70mm, small footprint.

*  Adopt imported steel wire with high precision guide rail and linear bearing, and using AC geared motor as driving force, it reduces noise to minimum.

*Paperless ultra-thin 17.3-inch capacitive LCD screen lifter with resolution up to 1920*1080P, rear 11.6 inch electronic nameplate, integrated double-sided LCD display;. The display is clear and bright, and the backlight design can be adjusted to prevent fatigue from being too bright or too dark.

*  Support HDMI and VGA two channel signal inputs. When there is only one signal input, the screen will automatically recognize this signal. When these two signals input at the same time, they can be manually switched from panel key. When no signal inputs, the screen will automatically enter into power saving mode.

* The device can be centrally controlled through central control software, can be controlled by the host computer, one key can make all device in the room go up or down.

*  With USB port on the desktop panel, the user can read or upload files by connecting U disk.