TS-FE215T Motorized Paperless Dual-screen Interactive Monitor Lift

Motorized Paperless Dual-screen Interactive Monitor Lift TS-FE215T

Embedded software: paperless conference terminal client software V2.0


The machine uses intelligent control technology, takes intelligent terminal as application concept, and focuses on LCD touch screen terminals. It integrates high-definition video, unified communication, intelligent interactive multi-screen sharing, conference central control, audio and video acquisition, professional sound systems, and so on, to provide “people-oriented” conference experience.


* The integration of the ultra-thin HD touch screen and the lift, no exposed wires and screws, no back boards; the lifting touch screen is neat and beautiful.

* With dual-screen design, the front 21.5-inch high-definition LCD screen and the rear 11.6-inch vice screen. Working with the paperless conference terminal, it can display the required patterns and participant name, etc.

* The machine adopts an all-aluminum structure, high-quality aluminum material and CNC engraving processing treatment; the overall display frame and the cabinet adopt aluminum alloy, making the overall machine exquisite, light, beautiful.

* The surface of the machine is anodized and looks bright. * The panel is space-saving with 3mm in thickness and 77mm in width only. It is only one-third weight of the conventional lift, which reduces transportation cost and the pressure of conference table.

* The transmission structure is specially treated to minimize the noise; it adopts high-quality stretch-resistant belts, high-precision sliding guide rail and linear bearings, and AC gear motor as the driving power; the central control protocol, with strong compatibility, can be compatible with all computer controllers. The screen is powered on when turning up, and is powered off when turning down, which is environment friendly.

* 21.5-inch ultra-thin LCD touch screen, resolution: 1920*1080P, clear and bright display, adjustable back light design, can prevent fatigue caused by too bright or too dark screen.

* The display screen has high resolution, bright and transparent colors. The main screen resolution: 1920*1080P, aspect ratio 16:9; vice screen resolution: 1366*768P.

* Support HDMI and VGA two-channel signal input. When there is only one signal input, the screen will automatically recognize the signal. When two signals are input at the same time, it can be manually switched through the panel buttons. When no signal input, the screen will automatically enter power saving mode.

* This machine can be centrally controlled by the central control software and the controller. One key can make all the machines in the room go up or down.