8 Zone Voice Evacuation Controller


 Built in 650W high-efficiency power amplifier, integrated 8 power
A + B independent dual-speaker loop zone output,
each zone has independent LED indicator, independent output
control buttons and volume adjustment
* 4 audio balanced input interfaces for playing any audio source in
the zones
* Local emergency PTT microphone input and emergency voice
can be configured by PC software to be played
in specific zone
* Integrate independent MP3 playback module, support USB, SD
card and FM tuner function.
* Automatically detect the working status of each zone loop (fault,
* The 8-channel trigger input/output port can trigger the
emergency voice preset by the PC software to the
specified zone or the corresponding external power source to
the corresponding event warning.
* Support third-party emergency audio input (user-defined
emergency audio source)
* Integrated independent EVAC/ALERT voice information player
* There are online interface for the remote paging microphone and
fireman microphone.
* The connection between each paging station uses standard RJ45 network port and standard CAT-5 network cable.

* The voice transmission uses balanced transmission mode for long-distance transmission
* Controller online interface can be connected to the slave unit, it
uses standard RJ-45 network port and standard
CAT-5 network cable
* 1 Channel TCP/IP communication interface, supports visual
interface operation based on Window platform,
and the system status can be automatically synchronized
* Support DC24V battery backup power supply
* With power amplifier monitoring function
* Support PTT recording function, no external equipment required
* With System fault output, emergency dry contact output and dry
contact reset input for emergency status
* The zone output has three-wire and four-wire over-ridding
adjustment function
* With IP address reset function and impedance calibration
* The master-slave unit is integrated, and the device can be used
as a controller or a slave unit by setting DIP address,
and the maximum of 19 slaves can be simultaneously online.
* The system can extend the number of the zones by slave units, it
support 160 zones maximum