Skyco Media Solutions | ABOUT US
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We are a proud member of Sebvest Group. Skyco Media Solutions is a trusted partner for 360, turnkey DOOH solutions with easy remote accessibility and advanced multimedia possibilities – a link between brands and OOH TV.

Project Planning and Sourcing: It starts with having in-depth understanding of the client’s requirements. With that knowledge we plan and source the correct hardware and software

Implementation:From the first step of the project to completion we work along to ensure proactive involvement and seamless transition of the cloud media management system
After Service: All products come accompanied with warranties but the team is nonetheless at your beck and call for a trusted partnership
“It is through harnessing the experience and expertise of strategic partners and knowledgeable, skilled staff members that Sebvest Group and all the companies we encompass, either as subsidiaries or strategic equity investments, continues to grow by deliveries above expected return on investments, consistently over the medium – long term.”


Group Chairman & President of Sebvest Group

Troy ZhengTroy Zheng
Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Zheng, the previous CFO for Sinotec transitioned to the sales department seeking a new challenge and naturally to become Sinotec’s Diversified Products Sale Director. His extensive industry experience between China and South Africa allowed him in 2014 (in his first year) to achieve a 72% increase in sales. Best known by his team for the concept “Think Big”, he decided to fund Skyco Media Solutions, best known as SMS between the founders (Troy and James).

James ZhaoJames Zhao
Founder/Chief Operation Officer

James Zhao holds degrees in Information Technology, Sourcing and Supply Chain Management and Honours in Risk Management. His technical knowledge and vast experience ensure that clients have a dedicated support partner which will aid them from conceptualization to implementation.