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Skyco Media Technologies

Founded in 2015, is at the forefront of the digital display industry and is a leading supplier of a wide range of electronic display media hardware. With digital marketing evolving so rapidly, Skyco has committed itself to adapting continuously in order to offer the very latest products available.

About Skyco Media

What We Do

Market Leaders in Large Format LED Screens, Video Wall, Commercial Display, AV Integration, Boardroom Solutions, EVAC & PA Systems, and Smart Security Products.


Indoor/ Outdoor  LED Screens

Transform environments by creating a lasting impression. These screens capture attention, boost marketing efforts and create brand awareness.

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Video Walls

Capture audiences with videos, advertising visuals, and any other media on our large customisable Video Walls. Suitable for Corporate, Control Rooms, and Retail Applications.

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Commercial Displays

Our commercial displays are great for POS, venue mapping, wayfinding totems and kiosks, and digital media advertising platforms.

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Interactive Whiteboard

Perfect for high impact and interactive presentations. Touch screen, whiteboard, conferencing, video, browser.

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Boardroom Solutions

Designs of various AV components, devices, and software to facilitate collaboration and effective communication in corporate spaces.

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EVAC & PA Systems

Assure your staff and customer safety are well taken care of with a host of emergency Evacuation Solutions for small to large establishments, with fully Certified Safety enhancing technologies.

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