Skyworth intelligent interactive conference screen integrates pen input technology, touch technology, panel display technology, network technology and office software technology together to upgrade the traditional display terminal into the man-machine interaction equipment with strong functions; It replaces the traditional projection, white board, sound equipment and curtain, presenting multiple functions with only one machine.

  • 4K HD display and wide viewing angle, you can clearly see details displayed at every angle.
  • Visual health protection screen display design better protects the visual health of teachers and students.
  • Pen and human-computer interaction technology realizes fluent original handwriting effect and flexible annotation.
  • Built-in voice-pickup microphones and an optional 4K camera further shorten the distance between teachers and students.
  • 2.1-channel speaker, the sound is clear and strong stereo feeling.
  • Built-in HD image processing engine supports image motion compensation and colour enhancement.
  • Point-to-point precise display technology provides you with clear and smooth pictures.