Smart Interactive Meeting Tablet

Skyworth intelligent interactive conference screen integrates pen input technology, touch technology, panel display technology, network technology and office software technology together to upgrade the traditional display terminal into the man-machine interaction.

Equipment with strong functions.

Due to its advantages of light and light, better light transmittance and fast response, in-cell full-fit is reinventing touch rules and becoming the high-end mainstream technology of interactive tablet.

Software, the blackboard In the In – cell wisdom as the core carrier, on the basis of Skyworth photoelectric introduced according to the wisdom of the classroom teaching scene more V2.0 overall solution, solves the school equipment, teaching, management and examination between the wisdom of the application, and the wisdom of the full scene, full service for the school teaching the whole solution.

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Out with the old, in with the new

It replaces the traditional projection, white board, sound equipment and curtain, presenting multiple functions with only one machine.

In terms of hardware, Skyworth smart blackboard adopts ultra-thin integrated design, which replaces the traditional independent hardware combination scheme. Meanwhile, it adopts 178 ° large Angle of view and 1.8mm anti-glare toughened glass, and mohs seven-level anti-collision standard.

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