T-7700A IP Network Control Host


It is the carrier of IP network digital PA server software and the control center of PA system.

Installed in the main control room to manage the entire PA system in real time.


* Industrial-grade cabinet-type chassis design,the chassis adopts steel structure which has high anti-magnetic, dust-proof and anti-shock capability.

* 17-inch 1080P full HD display screen,easy to use touch screen control.

* Built-in industrial-grade pull-out keyboard and touch mouse panel + left and right button design,support external mouse and keyboard through USB interface or PS/2 interface for user-friendly operation.

* With 8 USB interfaces (8 sets of universal serial bus) and 6 universal serial ports (6 sets of industrial asynchronous transmission interfaces),the highest transmission rate is 480M, which facilitates the expansion of peripheral equipment access.

* Industrial-grade dedicated motherboard design, Intel Haswell chipset architecture, Intel Core i5 7 generation series CPU, memory dual channel 8G DDR3.

* Large capacity 256G SSD,the speed of reading and writing reaches 600MB/S, without any movable mechanical parts, and has super durability and reliability.

* Dual Gigabit NIC redundancy backup design to meet high-performance network data exchange,which can transmit hundreds of program sources at the same time.

* Support dual graphics card,can be connected to the largest Full HD display device.

* It has a short circuit interface to trigger the power-on operation, which is used for the external device timing drive to start the operation and realize the unattended function.

* Support operating system configuration power on automatically, timed automatic power-on & power-off function; Support external device trigger automatic power-on function. It is convenient to manage the project flexibly and reduce unnecessary power loss and waste.

* The system management control center is formed after carrying the server software,the server software runs under the background system service,it is an enterprise-level standard server working mode. The booting system can run automatically, which has higher stability and reliability than software running in the foreground of the interface..

* Support backup function,increase standby industrial computer to realize server software data sharing,detect the working status of the main industrial

computer in real time and realize automatic fault active-standby switch, which can completely replace the management control function of the main industrial computer.

* Support recording storage function,can customize the recording file save path in the background.