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Flexible Indoor Screen

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VL1.2 11 Skyco Media Technologies Indoor Flexible Screen


pro img0 Skyco Media Technologies Indoor Flexible Screen

Innovative Design

Varies kind of shape are possible to be made from concave,
convex, and S shape led screen etc
Flexible Module with Housing in Segment
Free limits to your design

Power and Data Combined

One input combined power and data, save time for
assembly and also enable the stability

pro img2 Skyco Media Technologies Indoor Flexible Screen

Independent Box

Independent control box could be fixed separately from
the structure and module


Cabling Way

One control box has 3 output, each output control 2
module, 6 on 1 control box


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Intelligent Design

The degree between each segment is 8°, enable maximum 80 degree in convex and concave per module
The PCB and LED will not be damaged until housing was been broken apart
Less possility to be damaged during installation and maintenance

9f8c950d40 Skyco Media Technologies Indoor Flexible Screen

Slim Module

Module thickness is 26.6mm including magnet

Slim Structure

Strucuture could be a slim pieces of steel which enable to
make varies kinds of shape



Pixel Pitch(mm)1.6
Panel Size(inch)25.6 (W)×14.4 (H)×3.5(D)
Panel Size (mm)
Scenico Ribbon Series Flexible Module
Model R1.9R2.5R3.81RO3.81
Brief  ParameterConfigurationSMD1515SMD1515SMD2020SMD1921
Pixel Pitch1.9mm2.5mm3.81mm3.81mm
Module Size(mm)304.8 x 304.8mm(1ft*1ft)304.8 x 304.8mm(1ft*1ft)304.8 x 304.8mm(1ft*1ft)304.8 x 304.8mm(1ft*1ft)
Module Resolution (pixels)160 x 160 pixels120 x 120 pixels80 x 80 pixels80 x 80 pixels
Module Weight1.1kg1.05kg0.9kg1.1kg
Electronic ParameterColor Depth12-16 bit12-16 bit12-16 bit12-16 bit
Refresh Rate(Hz)≥1920 Hz≥1920 Hz≥1920 Hz≥1920 Hz
Scan Mode1/321/301/161/16
Optimal ParameterBrightness800 nits800 nits800 nits5000 nits
Viewing Distance (mm)≥ 1.9mm≥ 2.5mm≥ 3.8mm≥ 3.8mm
Viewing Angle(°)110°110°110°110°
Electrical ParameterInput Voltage(V)100-240 V/  50-60 Hz100-240 V/  50-60 Hz100-240 V/  50-60 Hz100-240 V/  50-60 Hz
Max Power Consumption618w/sqm500w/sqm350w/sqm532w/sqm
Ave Power Consumption206w/sqm150w/sqm105w/sqm160w/sqm
Ambient EnvironmentTemperature-20 ℃/+50℃ (working)-20 ℃/+50℃ (working)-20 ℃/+50℃ (working)-20 ℃/+50℃ (working)
‐40 ℃/ +60℃ (storage)‐40 ℃/ +60℃ (storage)‐40 ℃/ +60℃ (storage)‐40 ℃/ +60℃ (storage)
IP LevelIP 40  /  IP 21IP 40  /  IP 21IP 40  /  IP 21IP 68  /  IP 68
Humidity10%~60% (working)10%~60% (working)10%~60% (working)10%~60% (working)
10%~90%  (storage)10%~90%  (storage)10%~90%  (storage)10%~90%  (storage)
InstallationInstallation WayFixFixFixFix
ControllerControl Boxone control 6pcs modulesone control 8pcs modulesone control 8pcs modulesone control 6pcs modules