Horion M5A

Smart Interactive Flat Panel 


13MP HD Camera

  • Built-in HD image processing engine supports image motion compensation and colour enhancement.
  • Point-to-point precise display technology provides you with clear and smooth pictures.


8-Way Array Microphone

  • 8m audio pickup distance can cover a 180° range from the front.
  • Noise suppression, echo cancellation and beamforming, without missing every key detail.


Video Conferencing

  • Supports mainstream video conference software
  • Screen sharing
  • Write and communicate online synchronously.

Whiteboard Reconstructs Conventional Handwriting style

  • Touch handwriting, multi-point movement.
  • Save the meeting minutes by scanning QR code ,USB, email etc 7 kinds of saving methods. 
  • Supports the insertion of multiple media materials


All In One Screen

  • Mirror 4 kinds of devices
  • Prepare mobile phones with NFC function


OPS Computer

HK70 Mobile Stand

Screen Mirroring Device

Smart Pen

Available in

65″ Super Interactive Flat Panel

75″Super Interactive Flat Panel

86″Super Interactive Flat Panel