Taurus Series

The new choice for fixed installations in the intelligent cloud era


The Taurus series of Control Systems and Multimedia Players are NovaStar’s second generation controllers dedicated to full-colour LED displays. The Taurus series products can be widely used in the LED commercial display industry, for example: retail signage, digital billboard display, pole screens and airport displays, to name a few. This series integrates playback and sending capabilities, allowing for solution publishing and screen control via various user terminal devices such as PC, mobile phones and tablets.


• A range of products to support Synchronous and Asynchronous playback.
• Built-in WiFi connectivity and optional 4G module for remote connectivity.
• Receiving card cascading and redundant backup for multiple levels of protection.
• Comprehensive record of daily logs with full status monitoring.
• Real-time monitoring with automatic error correction.
• Supports cloud publishing and monitoring. No need to be on-site to manage your displays.
• Support for control via PC, mobile, pad and other smart devices.