T-7700 IP Network Controller;

The operating carrier of the IP network digital broadcast server software is the control center of the broadcast system.


Installed in the main control room to manage the entire broadcast system in real time.


* The cabinet adopts Industrial-grade cabinet-type design, steel structure, with excellent anti-magnetic, dustproof and anti-shock capability.

* 15-inch LED built-in five-wire industrial reinforced touch screen. Easy-to-use touch screen control.

* Industrial-grade dedicated motherboard design, dual-core two-threaded ultra-low-power embedded industrial-grade processor, faster processing, more powerful performance. Can work continuously for a long time.

* Built-in 128G SSD has the characteristics of anti-vibration, anti-fall, fast reading and writing speed, low power consumption and so on.

* Equipped with 4 USB ports (4 sets of universal serial bus), 6 universal serial ports (6 sets of industrial asynchronous transfer interfaces), up to 480M transfer rate. These facilitate the expansion of peripheral equipment access.

* Equipped with 1 channel gigabit network card, compatible with 100 MB network. Adaptive switch connection system.

* Support dual graphics card, which can be connected to the maximum FullHD display device.

* It has a short circuit to trigger the boot interface, which is used for the external device timing drive to boot and realize the unattended function.

* Support automatic boot when power-on, timed automatic boot, timed automatic shutdown functions for convenient and flexible operation management.

* After the server software is carried, it constitutes the system management control center. The server software runs under the background system service. It is an enterprise-level standard server working mode. The booting system can run automatically, which is more stable and and reliable than the software running in the foreground of the interface.

* Support recording storage function. You can customize the recording file save path in the background.