T-7700H IP Network Controller


 The operating carrier of the IP network digital broadcast server software is the control center of the broadcast system.

It is installed in the control room to manage the entire broadcast system in real time.


* High-strength aluminum alloy panel, metal housing, high-temperature baking finish, simple and elegant appearance.

* Dust-proof air duct design, low noise, high dustproofness, fast heat dissipation, and stable operation.

* Pure industrial design, excellent heat dissipation structure, AC100-240V wide voltage input. The cabinet is resistant to contact 4Kv strong electromagnetic interference, .

* With 2 Xeon E5-2643V2 server processors, multi-core and multi-threaded, fast computing speed.

* The server motherboard comes standard with 2 gigabit network cards (Intel82574 network card chip), 1 independent remote control interface (IPMI), easy to manage and maintain, 6 COM ports (RS-232), 6 USB2.0 ports, Independent graphics card, 7.1 channel independent sound card.

* Telescopic keyboard and mouse design, with independent graphics, multiple PCI, PCIE, HDMI+DVI high-definition interface output, support Blu-ray HD hard-decoding, support network or local 1080P video.

* It has a short circuit to trigger the boot interface, which is used for the external device timing drive to boot and realize the unattended function.

* Support recording storage function. You can customize the recording file save path in the background.